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BonBonBon + ENVY by NVE Artist Series 2022

We couldn't be more excited to share this collaboration with Envy by NVE for Spring / Summer 2022.

When I started the Artist Series the main intention was to meet other like minded creative women with the same ethos and passion about our work and family life. This project was a way for me, whilst feeling a tad lonely in business and motherhood, to find other creative mums to collaborate with and form supportive professional relationships.

Meeting Nat from Envy by NVE has delivered exactly what I started out to achieve with this collection. She is an incredibly talented illustrator, a down to earth business women with a fun way of working, but most most most importantly now a friend.

Both Nat and myself have previously worked in the fashion industry, and both of us have experienced the difficulty with managing a full time career whilst either trying to become mums or returning to work as mums. This is something which is happening all over the creative industry, whether it be the lack of understanding from employers on child care responsibilities or lack of part time roles or flexible working opportunities.

That's when the Artist Series comes in, giving mums a creative platform to get back out there and be celebrated.

So it gives me the great pleasure to introduce you to Nat the brains behind print design brand ENVY by NVE, here's what she had to say when we asked her some get to know you questions...

First of all let me ask when did you start running your own business and what did you do prior to starting it?

Prior to Envy By NVE I was a License and Generic Accessories Designer for the high street, supermarket chains as well as online platforms. After a year returning from maternity leave with my first child I decided to take the plunge and look at freelance work for a better work life balance, returning to the design world post babies it completely changes. In Jan 2020 I quit my full time paid design job whilst pregnant and started looking at setting up as a freelance designer, then the first lockdown happened and as the design industry shut down my plans for freelancing were paused and Envy By NVE was born - we’ve not looked back since.

How many children do you have and how do you find the balance of juggling being a mum and a biz owner?

I have two children, a four year old and a eighteen month old! One of each, although back in 2020 we were told we were having another boy on more than 3 occasions so 3 weeks earlier than planned when we gave birth to a baby girl it was the biggest shock in the world!

Juggling a business and being a mum of two is hard. I get frustrated when I can’t get done what I want to get done, I most definitely work more than I did when I was working full time with a design supplier however I work around the kids, I’m here for the kids, I move work around the kids and that’s what the whole point was on going freelance. The business works around me and the family and I’m forever grateful for being able to do what I get to do.

How does it feel to see all your beautiful designs made into clothing for lots of children?

Honestly sometimes I get imposter syndrome when I see all my designs made into these beautiful products. I love seeing how each customer will transform a print into product and I love seeing all the different ways they can make one print look different on each product.

Can you tell us about a significant moment so far in your career as a print designer?

I think the most defining moment of my print career to date it taking a chance on this venture when all other doors were closed at a time when the world was going crazy. I'm two years down the line, I am still here and growing month by month and for me that is my most significant moment.

What would be your dream work project?

I think the fashion world needs an Envy By NVE cat walk collection. Got to think big haven't we!

Have you had a time when you have been strong or brave which will encourage kids to do the same?

The bravest things I've done is follow my dreams and quitting my well paid design job that supported my family, whilst being pregnant with my 2nd baby and having no idea if it was going to work! Dreams do come true!

As we are launching spring / summer can you tell us what is your favourite thing about this time of year?

I will always be an Autumn Winter girl at heart but in the first lockdown in 2020 I fell in love with spring summer for the first time in my adult years! I love the endless supply of ice lollies, splashing in the paddling pool, sunglasses, lazying around on the garden furniture, working outside, the garden naps and the smell of suncream.

We all love a party and want to know what was the best party you have ever been to and or what would be your ideal party?

Our wedding! booked and planned in 7 months very much a DIY wedding with the generosity of our family and friends and we didn't stop smiling and dancing all night! We had the best day of our lives!

Can you name a particular time when you were cheeky or silly?

If you ask my son he would say I am 'silliest' person in the whole world! I do like to show him to enjoy little moments and to not take life too seriously so when I need it the most a silly play session with him always puts a smile on my face.

Do you have any advice for anyone that is thinking of starting their own business or changing career?

In life isn't it all about 'Being you & Being happy' - I went through a partial molar pregnancy is 2019 I was passed the 12 week stage and had planned a life with a second baby. That loss really made me think about what it was that I wanted to do and who I wanted to be. I didn't want to work for a supplier who didn't care I had a family, that expected to get more out of my on a 4 day week for less money. I was so contrived on what I was allowed to do there I felt judged being that designer with a baby. So after the pregnancy loss myself and my husband decided it was time to take control. I wanted 'me' back and I wanted to be there for breakfast, tea and for bedtime. It is possible and it is most definitely not too late.

We spent a lot of time planning my portfolio, my website, when I would go live, who I would target even though that particular planning wasn't used to set up Envy By NVE it helped me find 'me' again.

Finally, if you could give any words of wisdom to the youth of today what would it be?

Don't take life too seriously, live in the here and now and BE YOU & BE KIND

Artist Series collaboration with ENVY by NVE launches May 2022.

There you have it! What an incredible lady, mum, wife, designer. She is an absolute doll who I have had the absolute pleasure of working with on this collection. BonBonBon will definitely be doing more with Envy so watch this space as this is just the beginning!

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