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BonBonBon Artist Series

Updated: Sep 25, 2021

Welcome to our brand new blog and what better way to start then talking about the new Artist Series collection.

This season we have collaborated with two incredible female print designers Sophia Farnsworth from @rocket.lion and Cassie Swindlehurst from @soverycassie, to bring positive vibes to your kids Autumn / Winter wardrobe.

So why the collaboration?

It's simple, this range is all about women supporting women in business.

As a mum I know from personal experience that getting back in to the design industry after having a child is not easy. Part time roles are rare and starting out as freelance can be tricky whilst juggling child care which leads to mums going into business alone, so it is important to champion each other.

Before I had Bonnie I worked as a full time fashion designer in London working for brands such as Puma, Lyle & Scott, Atticus, Plain Lazy and more. During my time at some of these companies I got to collaborate with some ace Illustrators and graphic designers, this is the part I miss now with running my own biz.

Therefore in order to gain back the sense of having some work colleagues and have the chance to get to know some fellow creative mums, I decided to launch the BonBonBon Artist Series.

So without further ado let me introduce these amazing women who have been a joy to work with...

First up is Sophia Farnsworth from @Rocket.Lion

Sophia’s style has aways appealed to me and I knew that one day, when the opportunity presented itself, I'd snap up the opportunity to work with her. Her prints are kitsch with plenty of childhood nostalgia. Perfecto!

Sophia started her company Rocket.Lion pattern designs in October 2020 but previously it was both print and ceramics. She has three children who mean the absolute world to her. Let’s just take a moment of appreciation for the work ethic of this mother of three running her own business. Wowza!

We asked Sophia a few 'get to know you’ questions and here’s what this lovely laid back mama had to say…

From one colour fan to another, what is your favourite colour?

Ooh it’s always been blue! But I must admit since having my daughter (18 months) I have started to really appreciate how pretty pastel pink is!! I’m always drawn to it.

What would be your ideal Party Party Party?

Ideal party!!! A glam A-list party with all my fave celebs! Britney, Leo Dicaprio, Posh, Tom Hardy off the top of my head.

How would you Love Love Love to see the World for your kids in the future?

When I look at my children and see their beautiful hearts and happy souls. They are so kind, they are so smart! They are what our future can be!

If you could offer any advice to a new mum or dad what would it be?

All they need is love.

You can shop our BonBonBon + Rocket.Lion products on the website from Thursday 23rd September 2021. Yay!

Next up is the wonderful Cassie Swindlehurst from @soverycassie

Cassie is the owner of print design studio So Very Cassie. This happily married mama has a 5 year old son and a puppy called Bear. Cute cute cute!

She previously worked in London as a picture editor for a large celebrity picture agency and after her maternity leave she decided that going back to the city wasn’t going to work for her.

So in 2016 she started up her own company, and I am sure you will all agree that she did the right thing.

Getting the chance to produce one of Cassie Swindlehurst’s designs has been so much fun. When I saw her smiley happy print I knew in an instant that it would be the ideal print to compliment our ‘happy happy happy’ mantra.

We asked Cassie a few quick fire questions about herself and here’s what she said…

Let start with a fun one, can you tell us about a time you were particularly cheeky cheeky cheeky?

Oh god too many times, not sure I could say them though! lol I love dressing up and making a tit out of myself!

What was the best Party Party Party you have ever been to?

Opening night of Ibiza Rocks was pretty special, I love dance music but also something chilled as well. So just leave me at any party in ibiza and il be happy! Where's my plane!

How would you love love love to see the world in the future for you and your children?

Oh gosh, I just want my son to grow up and not be afraid to do anything he wants or be what he wants. A world where we don't have to point out differences and just be.

How has having kids changed your life?

Well I now have a mini best friend that I bicker with everyday but also love him to bits!

If you could offer any advice to a new mum or dad what would it be?

No one has it sussed with kids, everyone is winging it so don't worry!

Shop our BonBonBon + SoVeryCassie products on the website from Thursday 23rd September 2021. Hooray!

To round things up nicely we hope you love the new range and have enjoyed reading all about it. Check these ladies out on Instagram and keep posted here at BonBonBon for even more goodies coming soon!

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Sep 22, 2021

Love love loveeeeeee this 😍😍😍


Sep 22, 2021

LOVE LOVE LOVE it :-) What a brilliant idea!!!

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